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The Zoo-Bus is Dr Mike's new project. Drawing from his experiences in the wildest parts of the world, both as a research scientist and TV presenter, and his passion for conservation and environmental issues, Zoo-Bus is both an educational tool, and a place for fun. Downstairs is a collection of fascinating animals, many of which can be handled, while upstairs is an animal handing area, 'mini-micro lab' where images from microscopes can be blown up onto a 46 inch screen, and a compact lecture theatre with audio visual facilities.


Zoo-BusAlthough the Zoo-Bus is primarily intended for educational work within schools, universities and science festivals it is also available for hire at community events, corporate events, and even local birthday parties.





Zoo-BusCheck out the video Dr Mike Leahy's Zoo-Bus! on the OxboxTV site.

Also see the Zoo-Bus Facebook page.

For more details e-mail Dr Mike at labratmike@hotmail.com.





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