Working Standards

Child standing in wooden buildingMike embraces working standards and practices that safeguard the environment and protect vulnerable people and animals from exploitation. He will only work with production companies and broadcasters who also respect the environment, wildlife and the people who feature in their programmes. He appreciates that Television and Radio can make a positive impact and that they are a powerful tool for raising awareness and promoting education. It is Mike’s opinion that striving to achieve awareness and education, however commendable, should not be used to justify substandard or unethical working practices while filming.

Mike regularly films abroad, and the shows which he presents often feature people, parasites and wildlife in very exotic, isolated and sometimes poverty ridden locations. In order to make a tangible contribution to the rights of peoples living in remote parts of the world and to the healthcare of those living in poor areas of the globe, Mike donates a percentage of his fees to Survival International.

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